The MINI Wellness Fair in Pewaukee & Waukesha, April 7

Date: April 07, 2019

Time: 1:00 pm

The MINI Wellness Fair: Bringing together local communities to connect, learn, and grow on a monthly basis!

The MINI Wellness Fairs are at different locations each month with vendors only from those exact zip codes.

These events are for people who don’t want to travel far and don’t want to be in big crowds. They’re the perfect place to find qualified health & wellness professionals in your immediate area.

Meet other local community members who are into health, connect with various accredited wellness professionals, and learn different ways you can heal your body to improve your life.

Location This Month

Pewaukee & Waukesha – ZIP CODES: 53072, 53186, 53187, 53188, 53189



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